Camp Walter Scott
Camp Acts- June 3rd-9th
CYF- June 10th-16th
Senior- June 27th- 29th
Grandparents and Me- July 8th-11th Grandparents, Grandchildren
Beginners July 11th-14th
Chi-Rho-July 15th-21st
Chi-Rho – July 22nd-28th
JYF – July 22nd-28th
Post High- August 3rd-5th

Family Camp at C.W.S

Memorial day and Labor day camps

Adult Week at C.W.S.
“Leviticus” June 17-23

Learn more about Adult Week at C.W.S

Pilgrim Park
JYF- June the 24-30th
Chi-Rho- July 1st-7th
CYF- July 1st-7th
Beginners- July 1st-7th

Camp Registration

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Director and Counselor Handbook

Director/Counselor Camp Registration

Volunteer Camp Registration

Online Registration Information

Explaining the Online Registration

This year the CCIW Disciples 2018 Summer Camping Program has made the choice to do most of its registration with an online system. The Sections below explain the functionality of this new system.

Breaking Down the Registration Form

The image to the Right is clickable with descriptions.
The online form is separated into different sections.
Youth information:
This section will duplicate to match the number of youth you select for attendance on the form.
Insurance and Release:
This information only needs to get filled out once for each form that you submit and can be matched with any number of youth of the family attending the camp. The insurance section will not be on the Pilgrim Park Registration as their system needs a paper form.
Number of registrations:
This option will increase the number of Youth information fields that are on the form.

Online Form Flow

To help with the flow of filling out the form we recommend selecting the number of youth that will be attending from your family at the start of the form.
After you fill out all the youth information you will have to fill out the insurance information on the digital form if you are attending a camp at Camp Walter Scott. Pilgrim Park unlike Camp Walter Scott requires a paper release and insurance form. After you register for a Pilgrim Park camp your confirmation email will include a PDF document for you to print out and sign for each youth you registered for the camp.

Church or Group Registration

There are a few options to allow churches to collect money to pay for the youth they are sending to camp.
The method we recommend is having each family fill out the forms for their youth to attend and bring the email with their Order number and Confirmation with them to the church for the church to write a check.
This method works like this:
Family 1: Registers 1 youth for camp.
Family 2: Registers 1 youth for 2 different camps.
Both families bring their order number and confirmation to the church.
The Church can then send a check with just the Order numbers that the check is to be assigned to.
Once the check is received we will mark the order that was placed as Hold -> Completed which will send a confirmation email to the family that placed the registration.
For assistance with this process please contact [email protected]

Other Forms and Documents


Counselor Director Application
CCIW Camp Remittance Form
Scholarship Application
Camp Staff Registration Form
Camp Volunteer Application

2017 Camp church bulletin insert

Camp Refund Policy

*A full refund (minus the processing/program fee) will be made if cancellation is received two weeks prior to the event.

**A partial refund will be made if extreme circumstances (e.g. accidents, illness, family death) make it necessary for the camper/conferee to leave after the event has begun. The remaining amount will be pro-rated according to the number of days the participant must miss.