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The Association of Interim Ministers


This is an education and support group of interim ministers from various mainline denominations serving in Illinois & Wisconsin. They meet 5-6 times a year and sponsor an annual retreat/seminar that is open to everyone.

What is Interim Ministry?

Interim ministry happens in the life of a congregation after a settled pastor leaves. In this time before the next settled arrives, the congregation has an opportunity for growth and change.

Often a specially trained minister (an Intentional Interim Minister) helps the congregation explore the ways they can become clearer and healthier in preparation for the next chapter in their life together as church. They can become clearer by answering these three questions –

  1. Identity – who are we?
  2. Context – where do we serve?
  3. Calling – In light of who we are and where we are, what is God calling us to do?

Being clear about this next chapter can be an exciting adventure for the congregation and help them to know what gifts and skills they need in their next pastor.

To find out more about interim ministry, contact us!