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Personal Transformation

Partially Annotated Bibliography

With many thanks to Beth Rupe!

Spiritual Practices for Personal Transformation

Spiritual Disciplines

Aroney- Sine, Christine. The Gift of Wonder: Creative Practices for Delighting in God.

Downers Grove, IL: IVP Press, 2019.

Aroney – Sine helps us to reconnect to the childlike characteristics of playfulness, awe and wonder, imagination, curiosity, love of nature, compassion and unconditional as she guides us through and encourages to engage in spiritual practices that opens our hearts to these characteristics.

Baldwin, Christina. The Seven Whispers: A Spiritual Practice for Times Like These. Novato, CA; New World Library, 2002.

 Organizing her book around seven key meditative phrase, Baldwin leads readers to liten to their inner voices and explore their spiritual paths.

Foster, Richard J.  Celebration of Discipline: The Path to Spiritual Growth. Harper Collins, EPub, 2003. originally published 1978.

An introduction to a variety of spiritual practices. A classic.

_____ Freedom of Simplicity: Revised Edition; Finding Harmony in a Complex World.  Harper Collins EPub. 2005.orginally published 1981.

_____ Prayer- 10th Anniversary Edition: Finding the Heart’s True Home . Harper Collins, EPub 2003. originally published 1992.

Foster, Charles. The Sacred Journey: The Ancient Practices Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Press, 2010.

Niequist, Shauna. Present over Perfect: Leaving Behind Frantic for a Simpler More Soulful Way of Living. Zondervan, 2016.

 In a society that urges us to be perfect, to be in control, Niequist encourages us to show up in real and genuine ways. She invites us to an inward journey toward our essential selves and provides a compelling vision on how to live a simpler life.

Sullivan, Michael. Windows into the Soul: Art as Spiritual Expression. Harrisburg, PA, 2006.

 Using a variety of  art medium, Sullivan guides us through a variety of prayer and contemplation practices. The book is easily accessible and provide good instruction for beginner and those who are more experienced with a practical medium.

 Williams, Terry Tempest. Finding Beauty in A Broken World. New York, NY: Pantheon Books, 2008.

 This book is an extended meditation, a mosaic, on the intersection of nature and humanity. It affirms the goodness of life in the midst of brokenness and the beauty and hope that is found as shards and pieces of life come together.

Winner, Lauren F. Wearing God: Clothing, Laughter, and Other Overlooked Ways of Meeting God. Harper One, 2015.

Using little known metaphors of clothing, Winner explores new ways of encountering and understanding God. She invites us to move closer to God in our exploration.

Office of Hours/ Divine Hours

Benders, Alison M. Just Prayer: A Book of Hours for Peacemakers and Justice Seekers.  Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press, 2015.

Birch, John. A Fragrant Offering: A Daily Prayer Cycle in the Celtic Tradition.  Thanksgiving Press, 2014.

Newell, J. Phillip. Celtic Benediction: Morning and Night Prayer. Grand Rapids, MI: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company. 2000.

Tuama, Padraig Ó. Daily Prayer with the Corrymeela Community. Norwich: Canterbury Press, 2017.

Rudd, Stephanie. The Northumbria Community: Reflections on The Daily Rule of the Northumbria Community Book.

Sweeney, Jon M. The St. Clare Prayer Book: Listening for God’s Leading. Brewster, MA: Paraclete Press, 2007.

 A companion and friend of Francis of Assisi, Clare fled her upper-class life and family’s desire for her to marry to spend her life cloistered and in prayer. Known for her intercessory prayer, this prayer book provides morning and evening prayers that gives expression to Clare’s life of joy and compassion

—– St. Francis Holy Fool Prayer Book. Brewster: MA: Paraclete Press, 2017.

 Drawing on Francis’ understanding of what it means to be a fool for Christ, to live with humility, joy, and embracing our insecurities, fears and awkwardness, this prayer book offers a week of daily offices.

Tickle, Phyllis. The Divine Hours: A Manual for Prayer. Prayers for the Springtime New York: NY: Doubleday, 2001.

—– The Divine Hours: A Manual for Prayer. Prayers for the Summertime. New York, NY: Doubleday, 2000.

—– The Divine Hours: A Manual for Prayer. Prayers for the Autumn and Wintertime. New York, NY: Doubleday, 2000.

—– Eastertide.  Prayers for Lent through Easter from The Divine Hours. New York: NY Galilee.

—–Christmastide. Prayers for Advent through Epiphany from The Divine Hours.  New York, NY, Galilee, 2003.

Wiederkehr, Macrina. Seven Sacred Pauses: Living Mindfully Through the Office of the Hours. Notre Dame, IN: Sorin Books 2019.

Prayer Books

Bonhoeffer, Dietrich. Psalms: The Prayer Book of the Bible. Minneapolis: Augsburg Fortress Press, 1970.

 Born in Germany and attending seminary in the United States where he was influenced by African American Christianity. Bonhoeffer was a part of the Confessing Church during World War II. He was imprisoned and hung of being involved in an assassination plot against Hitler. Bonhoeffer offers the Psalms as a source and model for our own prayer.

Lowery, Richard. Wellsprings of Hope: Prayers for a Prophetic New Vision for Disciples. St. Louis; Chalice Press, 2020.

A collection of prayers written by leaders in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

McGuckin, John A. Prayer Book of the Early Christians. Brewster, MA: Paraclete Press, 2011.

A collection of prayers that were used in the house churches of the Early Church. Includes prayers and rituals and a structure to create one’s own daily offices and prayer rituals.

Sweeney Jon M. The St. Francis Prayer Book: A Guide to Deepen Your Spiritual Life. Brewster: MA: Paraclete Press, 2004.

This book is a collection of prayers written by St. Francis and taught to his traveling companions.

Tutu, Desmond. An African Prayer Book. New York: Image, 1995.

Prayers that were collected by Archbishop Desmond Tutu as part of his private spiritual practice. In the introduction to the prayer book, he indicates these prayers exemplify African Christianity and non-Christian spirituality.

Wrigley-Carr, Robyn. Evelyn Underhill Prayer Book. London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 2018.

Collection of prayers collected by Evelyn Underhill (1852 – 1925) between 1924 – 1938. Underhill was raised in a secular home. While, she was confirmed by the Church of England, she felt a deep connection with the Catholic Church and was influenced by the teachings of Catholic layperson Friedrich von Hügel. Underhill is considered a mystic and wrote about Christian mysticism.