Elders Workshop


What does it mean to be an elder in today’s church? Now the elders of your congregation can get the training they need to be even more faithful and effective in their role as spiritual leaders.

In this downloadable, interactive workshop, elders will have a chance to learn more about Biblical descriptions of the eldership and the work of elders from a Disciples of Christ tradition. Elders are invited to talk about the roles they fill in their own congregation and reflect upon their personal strengths and growing edges.

Valuable resources are presented and recommended for further study to enrich the role of elders.

Elders can consider how they can deepen their faith and grow in their ability to serve—as an individual and as a group of elders.

This workshop gives elders the opportunity to engage in conversation about how they share in ministry with the pastor and with one another.

The workshop is presented in 12 segments that can be downloaded or streamed live, depending on your internet connection. The total video content is 70 minutes. Each session has discussion questions that coordinate with the video segments.

The leader of the Online Elders Workshop is Rev. Scott Woolridge, Associate Regional Minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Illinois and Wisconsin. Scott serves as a pastor, helper and resource person for congregations. He has a passion for teaching and a desire to help leaders gain access to the resources that help them serve more faithfully, joyfully and effectively.

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