Scholarships are made possible by gifts from individuals and families valuing the ministry that NAPAD provides. The funds are generated from interest earned on permanent funds and cash gifts, and are used as investments in persons preparing for the NAPAD ministry in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the United States and Canada. By completing an application, you will be considered for each scholarship for which you qualify. Please submit only ONE application. The scholarship committee determines for which scholarship each applicant qualifies. The maximum award for any recipient is only one scholarship award per academic year. It is each applicant’s responsibility to make sure all required documentation is received in NAPAD scholarship office before the deadline, including application, references, transcripts, and under care confirmation.

Soongook Choi Scholarship Fund

Rev. Dr. J. Soongook Choi
The J. Soongook Choi Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of the Rev. Dr. J. Soongook Choi. The Rev. Dr. J. Soongook Choi was a Korean-American minister of the Chrisitan Church (Disciples of Christ). He was born in and spent his childhood in Japan, but traveled to Korea with the Student Volunteer Corps during the Korean War. Out of his painful experience in the conflict of inter-and intra-racial relations among Asian nations, he became a seeker for peace and justice in a world community of different peoples. Upon returning to Korea from Japan, Dr. Choi joined the Campbell-Stone movement (Christian Church—Independent). In 1959, he came to the United States for advanced theological education and earned several academic degrees. He was ordained in 1962 and served as a local pastor, hospital chaplain, professor and president of Seoul Christian University (in Korea), and member of the General Board of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). He had been a key figure in the life of the North American Pacific/Asian Disciples (NAPAD), especially for the growth of the Disciples church in the Korea-American community. To carry on Dr. Choi’s legacy in ministry, his friends and relatives established a scholarship fund on the day of celebration of his retirement. The Choi Scholarship is available to Disciples seminarians of Asian and Pacific Islander descent who are in preparation for ministry in a multi-racial/cultural community.

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David Tamotsu Kagiwada Memorial Scholarship

Rev. David Kagiwada
The Kagiwada Memorial Fund was established in memory of the Rev. David Kagiwada. David was a native of Los Angeles and a second-generation Disciple. He graduated from the University of Chicago Divinity School and was ordained in the Illinois/Wisconsin Region of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Focal points in his ministry included efforts to reconcile and heal antagonism among all people; support and be an advocate for racial/ethnic minorities and women; and helping the church recognize and appreciate the gifts of people of Asian heritage. David faithfully served five congregations in California and Indiana. David was the first Convener of the American Asian Disciples (now, North American Pacific/ Asian Disciples). The Kagiwada Scholarship is available to North American Pacific/Asian Disciples ministerial students enrolled (or accepted as an entering student) in an accredited graduate theological school or seminary.

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The Geunhee Yu Covenant Fund

Rev. Dr. Geunhee Yu
The Geunhee Yu Covenant Fund was established in 2012 at the 17th biennial NAPAD Convocation to perpetuate the legacy of Rev. Dr. Geunhee Yu, the first Executive Pastor of NAPAD who served from 1992 until his retirement in 2011. Rev. Dr. Geunhee Yu continues to inspire us with his tireless servant leadership and unwavering passion for new church development.
The Geunhee Yu Covenant Fund aims to provide grants to support new NAPAD churches in their efforts in becoming sustainable and mission centered congregations.

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The Harold Johnson Legacy Fund

Harold Johnson
The Harold Johnson Legacy Fund was set up in 2014 at the annual meeting of the NAPAD Board of Directors to honor the legacy of late Rev. Harold Johnson, who was dearly loved as the “Grandfather” of NAPAD. During his ministry, Rev. Johnson sought to create a more inclusive environment to uphold the gifts of Pacific Islander and Asian Disciples. Rev. Johnson’s ministerial legacy continue to challenge us to create an inclusive diverse community for Pacific-Asian groups, women leaders, youth and young adults.
The Harold Johnson Legacy Fund aims to provide grants to support the development of robust ministries for youth, young adult and women in NAPAD churches.

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For more information or questions, please contact Tom Hyoung Chel Yang, NAPAD Minister for IL/WI Region: [email protected]; (847) 414-8708.