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Disciples Men “Cookin’ for Mission”

The General Conference of Disciples Men is working to help men build relations: to God, to each other, and to the wider community. We have a passion for MISSION and our focus is on feeding hungry children. I know of no city where hungry children do not exist. So we have retooled the “Men Cookin’ for Mission” program to help Disciple’s Men make a difference all across the denomination.

We are looking for 200 congregations to accept the challenge of participating in the “Men Cookin’ for Mission” program. The program is very simple:

  1. Raise Funds. This can be done by “Cookin'” a meal and selling it to the Congregation or the Community. We encourage Disciples Men’s groups to do this with an eye toward evangelism. Some Disciples Men’s groups do this at county fairs. Do whatever makes sense for your group and your circumstances.
  2. Take one half the proceeds and give them to a local ministry of your choice that feeds hungry children. Many communities have “Backpack” ministries that help feed children who on school days would have free lunches in school but often go hungry over the weekend. This is the suggested local mission but any mission that helps feed hungry children is acceptable. Again, do not just donate the money. Find other ways to partner with this ministry in their mission. It can become a way of loving your community in the name of Christ.
  3. We ask that you send the other half of the money you raise to the Disciples Men “Cookin’ for Mission” program to feed hungry children at our 4 mission centers:
    • Yakama Christian Mission in White Swan, Washington https://www.disciplesnw.org/Yakama/
    • Inman Christian Mission in San Antonio, Texas https://www.inmancenter.org/
    • All Peoples Community Center in Los Angeles, CA https://www.allpeoplescc.org/
    • Kentucky Appalachian Mission in Berea, KY https://www.kentuckyappalachianministry.com/
  4. Send articles and pictures from your event that Disciples Men can share online, on Facebook, and in “the Voice!” Send them to [email protected].

Contributions should be sent to: Men Cookin’ for Mission
c/o Kelly Harris
P.O. Box 1986
Indianapolis, IN 46206-1986

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