Regional Workshops

On this page, you will find the links to print and study the workshop materials and handbooks that were provided for you at all of the CCIW Regional Congregational Workshops.  Feel free to use them and call us (309-828-6293) with any questions.


Discipleship Ministries Team Resources

The Discipleship Ministries Team is made up of twelve pastors whose focus is the health of our congregations.  They have encouraged the development of the Lazarus Project, the use of Natural Church Development, developed a Sabbath Retreat for pastors and are in the process of developing additional retreat materials to be used by congregations.

As a part of their Biblical Literacy focus, the Team is has developed several Bible Study workshops which were presented at our Nov., 2004 Regional Assembly.

Below are several resources the Team has developed in the area of Spiritual Formation.  Check this site often for more resources.

Vision Retreat