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Executive Director – School for Ministry
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Illinois and Wisconsin
Illinois Conference United Church of Christ

Built on a foundation of God’s life-changing love, we offer to feed God’s sheep and God’s shepherds. In these days of rapid change, Christ’s church has new needs for ministerial leadership. We are calling and equipping “home-grown” talent, gifted laity in the congregation. We help them to discern their call to ministry in the context of intentional, sacramental community and help them to gain the ability to become faithful, effective pastors. We are convinced this ministry will change the lives of leaders and of congregations, moving from surviving to thriving.


Provide administration and leadership for the School for Ministry.


Reporting to the School for Ministry Board and then to the Regional Minister & President of CCIW and Conference Minister of the Illinois Conference


This position is part time 7.5 hours/ week.


  • Administer the School for Ministry
  1. Tell the story and share the values – the vision of the School and its successes.
  2. With the Board, create a strategy to recruit and retain students.
  3. With the Board, plan, publicize, implement, and evaluate all events and activities.
  4. Oversee annual and event budgets, contracts and agreements necessary to operate the School for Ministry.
  5. With the Board, recruit leadership for the school – faculty, mentors, coaches, etc.
  6. Work with Regional staff and Conference staff to enhance the connection with congregations and their leaders.
  7. Coordinate with Ministry Committees and record-keeping.
  8. Attend Regional Assembly and Annual Celebration.
  • Grow the School for Ministry
  1. With the Board, prepare and implement appropriate goals and objectives annually. Discuss and review with judicatory leaders.
  2. Continue the vision of the School for Ministry and anticipate, with the Board, the next phases of the School’s life.
  3. Submit all honorariums received as a representative of CCIW & ILConf UCC to the Regional church as general field receipts, designated for the School for Ministry.

Compensation:   $7,500 per year plus – Contract; $1,000 travel expenses and per diem to all events required in completion of ministry expectations

 Notice of Termination: Thirty (30) days by either party.


Skills, Abilities and Knowledge Required

  1. Authorized minister by Disciples or UCC.
  2. Self-motivated and pro-active, with the ability to self-direct, manage multiple projects and meet deadlines.
  3. Excellent written & verbal communication skills. Ability to listen, clarify, and convey information in an accessible way.
  4. Proficiency in use of social media.
  5. Basic knowledge of Word, Outlook, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and Zoom.
  6. Have basic knowledge of educational needs of clergy and laity.
  7. Feel comfortable working in a setting where spiritual, cultural, and religious matters are commonplace and all persons are fully affirmed.
  8. High commitment to confidentiality in all matters.
  9. Basic conflict management skills.

Tools and Equipment Used

Including, but not limited to: phone, personal computer, printer, copier, shredder, scanner.

Bench Marks

  1. Planning and executing decisions of the School for Ministry’s Board.
  2. Maintaining the calendar of classes and events.
  3. Producing Regular reports/articles regarding the activities of the School for Ministry.
  4. Developing resources for the School for Ministry.
  5. Attending planning meetings.

For more information, contact Scott Woolridge [email protected]

To download a copy of this job description – click here