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Here is some great news from First Christian Church in Galesburg! They’re reading Ruth Fletcher’s book – “Thrive: Spiritual Habits of Transforming Congregations.” They are sharing God’s love in the community.

From The Crusader newsletter –

August 19 is “Be the Church Sunday”. Outreach ministry is excited to offer an opportunity for the whole church to become involved as one body of Christ for one day to serve our community in a variety of ways. In addition to a wide variety of ministry opportunities within our church, God offers many examples of service beyond the local congregation. Of great importance is missionary activity that takes the gospel message to those who have yet to hear (Acts 13:1-5; Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 1:8). Many forms of humanitarian service can offer tremendous help to others while opening opportunities to share faith. These can include the areas mentioned in Matthew 25 in which Jesus calls people to serve the “least of these”. Another example can be seen in the account of the Good Samaritan. The man who stopped to help was considered the one who was a neighbor to the man in need. Jesus said, “You go, and do likewise” (Luke 10:37). The application is that believers are to find those in need and make an effort to serve based on those needs. Many roles exist for Christians to serve beyond the church’s internal ministries. Scripture offers numerous examples, yet God often places needs right in front of us where we can use our gifts, abilities, and resources to help those in need.

As we work with the Thrive book to be creative, out of the box thinkers, we will be participating in a variety of service ministries on August 19. There will be an opportunity for all ages and ability levels to serve. Related ministries for the day include 6 opportunities to participate in an area that you feel most comfortable. Our activities will include worshiping together at a 9AM combined service, outreach opportunities from 10AM-12 PM and a catered luncheon from 12PM-1PM.

In the upcoming weeks you will see descriptions and sign up opportunities to “Be the Church” and show our community some First Christian church love! We look forward to serving with you on Sunday, August 19th.


More from The Crusader newsletter on July 17 –


                  Be the Church Sunday is coming on Sunday, August 19th.  We are looking forward to a day of fellowship and service, but we need YOU to participate.  We have worked hard to try to find 6 different activities that can meet any and all needs of everyone in our congregation.  We are praying everyone feels it in their heart to participate! Mark your calendars now to spend Sunday, August 19th from 9am-1pm with your church family in worship, fellowship and service.  This week we will highlight 3 of the possible service stations so you can begin to pray and see if God is leading you towards these. In next week’s newsletter the remaining 3 opportunities will be highlighted.

# 1 King Elementary Prayer Walk: Contact: Linda Mowrer:  Participants in this station will travel to King Elementary School to walk the grounds and pray as a whole group, in small groups, and individually for students and staff at our adopted school.  Prayer starters and staff lists will be provided. There are benches available at King School if walking is not feasible. Principal Amy Nielsen will be joining this station.

#2 First Responder Treats: Contact: Ruthann Smith:  Participants in this station will work in the FCC kitchen making baked goodies to provide enough treats for 5 platters of goodies to serve our first responders.  Participants will then deliver the treats to our local 3 fire stations, police station and ambulance barn. All ingredients and supplies will be provided and ready go!

#3 Door Tag Walkers:  Contact; Steve and Nancy Spicher: We need LOTS of volunteers as we will be focusing on two different parts of town.  Participants in this station will be walking door to door to put door hangers on doors, invite others to our church and church programming.  We are not knocking on doors but leaving our information. Participants should wear tennis shoes and be able to walk several blocks.

#4,5,6….stay tuned until next week.

After working together, we will meet back at FCC for a catered luncheon and be able to fellowship about our experiences. Looking forward to BE the Church on Sunday August 19.

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